Your session.  Let's talk about that for a minute.  What most people think of when I say "session", is the time it takes to take your pictures. But let me assure you, your session will include so much more.  In fact, your session experience starts before you even book my services!  

I believe in getting to know my clients, and it all starts with the first contact.  We will work together from start to finish to create memories of a lifetime.  I take pride in my work and I will make sure that your memories become keepsakes.

Session Experience

  • Complimentary Consultation

All of my sessions start with a complimentary consultation.  During your consult, we will discuss the session type you are interested in, what your expectations are, and what kinds of photography you have had done in the past.  I will also ask you about your photo needs; do you need wall art, albums, prints, or just a digital collection.  Knowing your needs will help me to tailor your session to you.  If you decide to schedule with me, we will go over the session in more detail, and I will have several questions for you so that I can best prepare for your day.  

  • Photo Session

Then comes what you consider to be the photo session, where I take the photos.  Depending on the session type, it can run anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours (with the exception of Birth sessions).   Birth sessions run from the time I arrive at the hospital until about 1-2 hours after the baby's birth.

  • Preparing the Photos

After your session, I review and inspect each image, choosing the best of the best for you.  These selected images will be professionally hand-edited before I create a personalized proofing gallery for you from which you will choose your favorite images for wall art and/or a digital collection.  

  • The Ordering Session

This is the BEST part of your session experience!  Here you will get to see all of your final images in your personalized proofing gallery! Once you have had the chance to look at all of your photos (maybe even two or three times!) I will help you decide which photos will work best in photo albums, turned into wall art, and/or we will choose which images you want to include in your digital collection.   We will finalize your order and you will pay for your order at this time.  Your order is then sent to a professional printing lab where your products are created with archival quality materials.

  • Product Delivery

Once your products have arrived (usually around 3-4 weeks), I will inspect each item, then I will hand deliver your products to you.  All product purchases will arrive to you ready to hang on the wall or display on a shelf that very same day!

Digital galleries are available for immediate download.