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Family of 5 with newborn snuggling on their bed at home in Monticello, MN


Newborn and Family Sessions

Why an At-Home session?

Photo sessions done at your home are relaxed, fun, and playful.  While I always get some "posed" family photos, the goal is to document your family as they are.  You and your child(ren) being yourselves are the types of images that will best represent who you are as a family.  I offer direction and guidance with minimal posing so that you remain relaxed and there is a lot of interaction going on with your family.   We will spend time indoors and outdoors, or even just outdoors if that is what you prefer.  And if you think that you don't want photographs of your home because it's not a "Pinterest" home, I am here to tell you that you are wrong (sorry!).  Your home is where you grow your family and where you make your memories.  It is the perfect place to create beautiful photographs.

Here's the thing.  You are a busy parent, and getting everybody ready for a photo session is a LOT of work.  When I come to your home, so many stressors are taken off your plate.  You don't have to get kids out the door and in the car.  You don't need to be concerned with the weather.  You don't need to worry if your children will do ok at an outdoor session or at a photo studio.  I have a background in early childhood education, and I will come prepared for almost anything!  I will come to your home with no expectation of children standing still, looking at the camera, or being on their best behavior.  Your newborn can be awake, asleep, content, or fussy.  It does not matter.  If they poop up their back during my time there and need a bath, it's no big deal.  Your toddler can go play in their room, have a snack, or carry their favorite toy with them all day.  They can (and should!) wear their favorite outfit, even if that is a superhero t-shirt that is 2 sizes too small, an Elsa nightgown with spaghetti stains on it, or their pajamas paired with cowboy boots.  This is who they are!  And if your teenager is sulking because they have better things to do, that is ok too.  I will make the day tolerable for them, and maybe, just maybe, they will even have fun. This is your family at this stage of your life, and these are the days you will want to remember. 

This is your real, ordinary, crazy, beautiful family.  As it is, right now, in this season of your life.  Invite me into your home, and I will show you how beautiful your life is through my lens.

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