Big sisters holding their newborn brother looking at him with love



Oh, sweet babies, I love them so!

When your baby is so new, they will have a special way they curl up, or stretch out.  An adorable way they yawn or cry.  The awkwardness as they learn to move their limbs.  Their siblings will react, well, who knows how they will react?!  But no matter how they feel about their new baby, it will be heartwarming to look back on years from now.  

Invite me to document your family at this stage in your life.  Your baby will outgrow these sweet moments before you know it. 

Fresh 48 sessions
A Fresh 48 session is done within the first two days of your baby's birth to document their first days of life.  This session can be done in the hospital, birthing center, or at your home, and can include siblings. This session is perfect for you if you desire photos of your newborn, capturing those very first moments, but prefer to keep the labor and delivery private.  

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle sessions
A lifestyle session is done in your home within the first month of your baby's birth, and the images captured are much more natural and relaxed as opposed to a typical posed newborn session.  The session can include your newborn only, or with siblings and parents.

Please Note: As a birth and newborn photographer, I take your baby's safety very seriously.  During your session, you will be the one handling your newborn.  I do not need to hold or touch your baby, and I will even ask permission if I need to adjust a blanket or piece of clothing.

Large family of 7 sitting on a bed holding a newborn baby with brothers and sisters

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”
-Michael J. Fox