Families & Children

Your family photo session will be relaxed, fun, and playful.  While I always get several of the typical "posed" family photos, I tend to enjoy the in-between moments the best.  Your children playing and being themselves are the types of images that will best represent who you are as a family.  

Because I want your photo experience to be as easy as possible for you, please know ahead of time that it is OK if your children don't stand still, if they don't look at the camera, or if they need to wander.  It's OK if they are shy, or if they cry.  I have a background in early childhood education, and I will come
prepared for most anything!  And please don't stress over your child's participation.
The images that I capture really are the true representation of your child's personality.

Invite me to get to know you, and you will see how amazing your life is through my lens,
and I can celebrate with you the qualities that make your family unique.  



“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good”- Dr. Seuss