Mom who has just given birth at home lays on the couch looking at her newborn baby wrapped in a towel as she breastfeeds



The birth of a new baby is such a miracle, and truly a once in a lifetime event.  And whether this is your first child or your last, there is so much excitement and anticipation of welcoming your new bundle of joy.  There is so much emotion involved in the birth of a child. Your husband/partner is there to support you and you need them to be focused on you, so allow me to document all of the moments you want to remember forever. The tenderness shared between you and your husband or partner.  The emotions you are feeling. The moment your baby takes their first breath.  The reaction you and your husband or partner have the first time you see your baby's face.


These are once in a lifetime moments that deserve a professional photographer.  

Birth packages start at $1800.  Please contact me for details.


“I love you bigger than the world and sky.”
-Marty Klazmer